About Drömgården

The Drömgården project at Arbottna opens its doors to everyone who wants to live in a beautiful natural environment combined with proximity to activities and services. With Stockholm, Haninge and Nynashamn around the corner, excellent transport links, and close to both the sea and Stockholm, Arbottna is an investment in a high quality of life.
The vision of the project at Drömgården is to give more people the opportunity to live and socialize in the countryside. You can be part of the change; make a difference in your life in a more sustainable direction. Here you can create your own dream home, whether it's for a vacation rental or a permanent dwelling. 
At Arbottna there is always something happening throughout the year. All activities are community based. You can choose to take part in the harvest festival, fish, ride, or take a dip in the lake, or you can simply relax in a hammock, take a boat trip in the community lake and enjoy the serenity. So whether you like sailing, hiking, bird watching or want to have your own allotment, all of these opportunities are open to you at Arbottna.
We aim to restore a vibrant farm life to Arbottna - when the farm flourished in the 1800s it was a significant source of local food production and included a general store, a private brewery and dairy. We want to combine a traditional working farm together with village life here –  a variety of enjoyable activities for residents will be organized around the life of the farm and the seasons. In the spring we will gather to sow crops and release the animals, in the summer we will harvest fruits and vegetables, whilst autumn is the time for picking apples. During the winter months we will enjoy warm food together and take care of the animals.


At Arbottna the undisturbed natural environment is central to the whole project. The land has 1800 hectors of open meadows, rocky coastline with some sandy bays and many species of bird and wild life. Here you can experience nature’s serenity to its fullest. The days are filled with the experience of nature and the seasons, whilst at night you can observe the beauty of the night sky unfolded like a glittering roof over Drömgården.

The land here has not been disturbed for many years and this is in part due to its ownership by the military for 60 years.
During the summer months you can swim, kayak, sail and fish in the sea. There are many forest walks to be taken as well as strolls across the farmland. When the snow arrives it´s a great opportunity to go cross-country skiing or skating across the lakes and beautiful shoreline.

The activities at Drömgården revolve around the seasons and nature. Together we can celebrate harvest festivals, Christmas and Swedish mid-summer when there are plenty of strawberries to eat! Food festivals are also very popular and here we emphasize locally produced and wild cuisine.
The accommodation at Arbottna is designed for those who wish to have an active life with a possibility for a wide range of recreational pursuits to suit a wide variety of tastes and interests. We plan to have activities with everything from cooking to “boule” as well as wine tasting, mushroom picking, kayaking, sailing, yoga, pottery and meditation, fitness and more.
We continually organize different types of activities. Please check our activities section to see what is presently on offer.
It’s worth noting that the activities here are largely chosen and driven by the interests of the residents. So whatever your interests, whether its sour dough bread making or Bollywood dance, you can start a workshop here!
It will be possible to use kayaks, rowing boats or fishing equipment that are provided at Arbottna for the residents to use. There will also be a farm shop, café, art studios, and even a horse stable.

“The best reason for staying is the way of life here!”