Drömgården Arbottna on Muskö - A unique nature only 50 min drive from Stockholm

Muskö is a unique place for many reasons. For instance it is the only island in the archipelago with its own tunnel!
Only 50 minutes drive form downtown Stockholm, Muskö is one of the archipelago’s largest and best known islands. The military presence over many years has preserved an aura of mystery about the island, but more significantly it has built a 3 kilometer long tunnel straight into the granite under the water. The special status afforded by the military has meant that the natural habitat of the island has been left undisturbed and in a pristine state. The military presence is no longer particularly evident or secretive, but it is still fascinating because of its long history with the island and the Muskö naval base is worth visiting on its open days. The area has amongst other things disused nuclear bunkers that are so large and cavernous the whole of the old town island of central Stockholm could easily fit into them.

Muskö has about 850 residents and there are about 1500 homes, many of them used mainly during the summer months. The local shop is open almost every day of the year and is licensed to sell some common medicines and even  alcoholic beverages so you don’t always have to travel further afield when you need something. During the summer Muskö Skökrog, the local food pub, is open seven days a week.
Muskö has had many traditional industries in its past, mostly farming and fishing. The island has been dominated by the mansion houses of Louis Berg and Arbottna along with their associated farms and crofts.
Learn more about Muskö history by going to the following links http://www.musko.nu/
Arbottna’s History
The Arbottna mansion house is located on an old farm and the history of the area can be traced back to the iron-age. During the 1800s and 1900s there was a flourishing agricultural life at Arbottna. It was a significant source of food for the community and had a general store and a dairy. We intend to revive the traditional small scale farming tradition at Dromgården.
Looking further back in time, the first settlement in the area was established between the years 600 to 700, and there are even relics left from the Vikings when they established themselves here. During later years, from 1200 to 1700, the farm changed hands on numerous occasions. In 1769 the farm was bought by Levin Arbottna, from whom the mansion takes its name. The main building is from the 1790s and was rebuilt to its current appearance in the 1870s. In 1916 the farm was bought by the Malmborg family who managed the farm until 1950 when the entire establishment was sold to the crown who wished to create a Naval base at Muskö.
You can learn more about its history by going to the following link http://www.musko.nu/index.php/upplev/sevaerdheter/331-arbottna-herrgard
Muskö tunnel

This is a unique way to reach Stockholm’s archipelago without the use of a boat! The tunnel is 2895 meters long. The work on the tunnel was completed in 1963 and when you drive through it, it is easy to see how they blasted through the solid granite rock. It is probably the worlds first under sea car tunnel. In 1964 it was opened for public use for the first time.